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Pos (Position) The teams rank among all the other teams in the league.
Pts (Points) Each win is awarded 2 points. Each Tie is awarded 1 point. This is the cumulative total of points.
GP (Games Played) The number of games played.
W (Wins) The number of Wins.
L (Losses) The number of Losses.
T (Ties) The number of Ties
+/- (Point Differential) The cumulative point differential over all games played to date.
Pct (Percentage) The ratio of points a team has divided by the number of total potential points it could have earned.


A teams ranking is determined by the number of Points it has been awarded. In cases where teams have an equal number of points, the Point Differential is used to determine ranking.
Defaults are recorded as a Loss with a score of 15-0 against the defaulting team.