Winter 2019 Playoffs

Playoffs will be held on May 2nd. Top-tier (teams finishing in 1st – 6th place) will play at Iona. Bottom-tier teams (teams finishing in 7th – 12th place) will play at St Paul.

Top Tier Playoffs at Iona:

Court 1: Teams #8, # 1, #7
Court 2: Teams #2, #10, #9

Net Setup: Team #7

Bottom Tier Playoffs at St Paul:

Court 1: Teams #11, #3, #12
Court 2: Teams #4, #6, #5

Net Setup: Team #12

The playoff format will be as follows:

  1. 3 teams are assigned each court and will play each other twice. This is similar to the schedule of games played during the regular season. Games are to 21 with a cap of 23.
  2. The winner of each court will advance to the playoff finals. The winning team is determined by the Win-Loss record with the following tiebreakers ( in order):
    1. Head-to-Head +/- between tied teams for the night
    2. +/- for all the games played that night
    3. Finishing standing in the regular season
  3. The playoff finals will be held between the winners of each court. The playoff winner will be determined as the best 2 of 3 game. The first two games are played to 21 with no cap. The final game, if needed, is played to 15 with no cap.

Because of the number of games which need to be accommodated and the limited time available please note the following:

  1. Games will start (i.e. the whistle for the first serve) at 7:15PM. Teams unable to field a legal team at that time will default their game.
  2. During game play teams are allowed 2 timeouts with a max duration of 2 minutes each.


Note that using substitute players from the sideline teams is not allowed during the playoffs.


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