Post-Realignment Update

Realignment has been completed. Some players have been moved between teams to better balance the competitiveness among teams. Individuals and teams which have been affected by realignment have been notified by email. To have a look at the updated teams please see the Teams page on the website.

There is LOTS of room in our Feb 24th Sixes tournament.  For those of you who are already signed up that means lots of play time. If you have not yet played in a PCVC tournament this year, this is a great opportunity to do so as the March tournament is a team entry tournament. The March tournament has been opened early for registration. We have already had a few teams sign up, but we have lots of room for more. If you are submitting a team for the K-W tournament in April this is an excellent tournament to use as a warm-up for that event.

More information and registration links can be found on our Tournament page on the website.

Lost Items
Over the past several weeks there have been a number of items left behind. Many of these are water bottles. These items have been put in the equipment bag in each gym. If you have misplaced these items, please claim them. Please check the equipment bag to see if the items belong to you.  They will not be stored indefinitely.  Thank you to those members who have found lost items and taken the time to report it.

Incentive Night
Next Thursday, February 22nd, is our next incentive night.  Come to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, to meet your fellow members and enjoy a drink on the club.

 Team Names and Reps
For those teams who submitted team names and Reps, thank-you! For the rest, team names and reps have been picked for you. An email will be sent to the team reps outlining expectations for the team rep.