PCVC League Updates – Sept 14th, 2018

League Play
Play kicks-off on this Thursday, Sept 20th.  The rosters are now posted as is the schedule.  Each team has been assigned a designated setter. Please check this page if you are unsure who the designated setter is on your team. For league play the gyms remain the same as last year, Iona and St Paul.  Please be there no later than 7:15 PM so that games can start promptly at 7:20 PM.
For this upcoming Thursday, the team doing setup is Team 3 (Iona) and Team 9 (St Paul). If you are on one of those teams, please be there at 7PM to do the setup so that we can start on time.  Doing teardown will be Team 6 and Team 12.  For each week the setup/teardown teams are marked on the schedule.
Within the first two weeks of play please:
a.      Choose a Team Name
b.      Choose a Team Rep
The Team Rep will be the connection point for the exec on matters related to your team. If you cannot agree on a Team Name or Rep, the executive will be happy to select a name or nominate a rep for you.

PCVC Attendance Policy
PCVC considers maintaining satisfactory attendance a fundamental requirement for each member.  The rules and policy for attendance remains the same as last year. In short:
·        A Member is allowed up to 4 Absences for the season. Exceeding the allowable limit of absences can mean loss of eligibility for playoffs or even membership termination.
·        After multiple absences, a member is sent a warning notification.
·        A member may request a “leave of absence” from play, provided it done in advance, for a valid reason, and for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks.  While on a leave of absence, the members absences are not counted against them.
More details are posted here: Attendance Policy

Player Conduct
PCVC has adopted a Code of Conduct and Ethics.  Please read and be familiar with the policy. Behavior contrary to the policy can lead to disciplinary action or even membership termination for offenders. While I understand that nature of sports is to bring out our competitive spirit, the onus is on each of us as adults to not let competitiveness or frustration take control of our individual behavior. Here are some examples of behavior which is not acceptable:
·        Swearing or other abusive language at other players whether on the same team or another team.
·        Physical altercations of any kind.
·        Extended arguments with officiating or line judges.
·        On-court tantrums whether verbal or in action
Players are strongly advised to not give playing advice to others unless they are certain that advice would be welcome.  If any member witnesses behavior contrary to the code of conduct, please report it in writing by emailing exec@pcvc.a or using our feedback form on the website.

New Website
At the end of last season we retired the previous PCVC website and have adopted an updated, mobile-friendly website.  To ease the transition for users of the website the layout has been kept similar to the previous site. In addition to email distribution, the website will be the central source of league updates and events.  Any feedback on the website is always welcome.

The signup process for PCVC tournaments will remain the same as last year. For members to confirm a spot in a tournament they should simply make payment in accordance with the instructions on the tournament page for that tournament.
We have adopted some changes to the tournament cost as follow:

  1. We have eliminated the differentiated cost (early-bird & regular) and now will only have a single price for tournaments. For sixes tournaments that price will remain at $25/per player and for pairs tournaments it will remain $40/per pair.
  2. Only for those players who choose to pay by Paypal or Credit Card, consistent with the pricing for other events and membership, an additional fee will be levied to cover the cost of online payment processing.   That fee is adds $1/person to the tournament cost.

The tournament schedule for the year has been posted on the tournaments page of the website.

Our October Sixes tournament is open and is accepting registrations now. If you plan to play sign-up early.