PCVC League Updates – Oct 2nd, 2018

We are now approaching week 3 of our season. Please be aware of the following upcoming events and updates: 

Substitute Players

We have had several players who are currently on leave of absence or have requested a leave of absence for an upcoming period. For those players on leave, the team has the option to request a substitute player of similar skill. The exec needs help from the membership to help build a list of qualified players. Currently we have a very sparse list of potential substitutes. If you know potential players who would be willing to act as occasional substitutes please let us know or have them email info@pcvc.ca

Team Reps

Thank you to those members who have volunteered to be team reps. For those teams who didn’t submit a name for team rep, one member has been nominated to be team rep. The list of team reps is posted here.  If there are issues that concern the entire team they should be brought forward to the exec through the team rep.


Realignment is the process by which the exec will move a few players between teams to ensure that teams are balanced for the rest of the season. Realignment will occur after this Thursday. Any players affected will be notified directly as will the team rep on the affected team.


We have two upcoming tournaments. Our first Sixes tournament for the season is on October 20th and has room for men and currently we are wait-listing women.  Even though we are wait-listing women, any women interested in playing please email tournaments@pcvc.ca as there is a high likelihood that there will be available spots.

Our first Pairs tournament is November 3rd.  It is open for registration.

Both tournaments are open to members as well as non-members. For further information or to register please see details on our tournament page.

Incentive Night

For those of you who missed our first incentive night at Meet-and-greet, our next incentive night is Thursday, October 25th.  Come to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, to meet your fellow members and enjoy a drink on the club.