Mid-Year Meeting – 23 Nov 2018

PCVC will be holding its Mid-Year Meeting on November 23rd  at the Erin Mills Pump after league play.  We will have Cameron, our treasurer, review our fiscal standing for the last year and in addition it will be an opportunity for the membership to discuss issues which affect the membership and the league.  If you have an issue you want tabled at the MGM for discussion or membership vote, please send it to exec@pcvc.ca by November 12th.  The MGM will also be incentive night.


1.      Fiscal Update from the Treasurer

2.      Proposals on 5-games/night vs 4 games/night schedule

3.      Proposal on granting non-medical leaves of absence

4.      Proposal on fees paid by executive members

5.      Proposal on accepting past members

6.      Proposal on extending membership to full-season replacement players

7.      Discussion on criteria (ie level of skill) for recruiting new members.