PCVC Fall Season Playoff Updates – Finals

We have completed the first round of fall season playoffs and while there were some close games and some tough battles fought at both gyms, only the top 2 teams from each court will advance to the finals next week.

Playoffs Finals

Advancing to the Finals on Jan 18th:

Top Tier at Iona:

Court 1: Team 7 vs Team 4
                            Court 2: Team 5 vs Team 9

Consolation Tier at St Paul:

Court 1: Team 10 vs Team 11
                            Court 2: Team 1 vs Team 6

Net setup by Teams 9 & 4 (Iona) and 6 & 11 (St Paul). Games will start on time at 7:20PM so that we can get in all games.

Teams 2, 3, 8, and 12 were eliminated and will not be playing on Jan 18th.

The format will be best of 3 games with the winner of each court advancing to play each other in a best of 3 match.

For those players not playing, we are looking for volunteers to ref, score, and do lines for the final playoff games at either gym on the 18th. It would be very much appreciated by your fellow players who are playing. If you are willing to do so, please email exec@pcvc.ca with the gym location you can attend.

 New Season starts Jan 25th

We will kick off the winter season on January 25th. The new teams will be posted on the website here shortly after January 18th. Please check the schedule here to know which gym you play at for January 25th and beyond.

Next Incentive Night

Our next incentive night, coincides with the start of the winter season and is on January 25th. Come out to our sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump to meet your new team members and enjoy a drink on the league.

Upcoming Tournaments

Our next Sixes tournament is January 20th. This is open for guys and girls are being waitlisted. Details are here.

Our next Pairs tournament is February 3rd. It is open for registration and if you are interested please register. Details are