Recruiting New Members for the Jan – May Season

PCVC typically recruits for new members once a year in September.  This year we anticipate several positions being open for both male and female candidates so that we can take on new members for the Jan-May season.

If you are not a member and interested in applying for membership please email for additional details.

If the PCVC Executive is not already familiar with you volleyball skills, you should sign up to play in our January Sixes tournament so that the PCVC Executive can have a chance to evaluate your skills and ensure you are a fit for the league.  

For more details on the league, please see our FAQs.

Inventive Night – Dec 13th

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13 Dec 2018
10:00 PM - 11:15 PM

The Erin Mills Pump and Patio

Status: Open

Event Type: Social Event

After league games finish, come to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, to meet your fellow members and enjoy a drink on the club.

Mid-year General Meeting (MGM) – Nov 22nd

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22 Nov 2018
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The Erin Mills Pump and Patio

Status: Open

Event Type: Meeting

We will be holding our Mid-year General Meeting (MGM) on November 22nd at the Erin Mills Pump. This is your opportunity to have a say in how the league is run, so it is important we have your attendance and participation. The MGM will also be incentive night. Please head to the bar immediately after game play as we would like to start the meeting as early as possible.


  1. Financial Update
  2. Proposals
    1. Reinstate Reffing during Regular Season
    2. Consistency on Use of Refs in Playoffs and Regular Season
  3. League Updates

No Games on Oct 18th

Due to permit cancellations at both St Paul and Iona there will be no games on October 18th.

PCVC Week 4 Updates – Schedule Change

There are some important updates in this email including schedule changes. Please read the email in its entirety to be aware of upcoming changes.

Gym Cancellations

We have had an unusually high number of gym cancellations for both Iona and St Paul this season and as a result have had to adjust the schedule. The schedule has just been updated. Teams # 2,4,5,7,8, and 12 will be off this Thursday (Oct 11th) due to unavailability of St Paul.  We have also had BOTH gyms cancelled for Oct 18th as a result we have no scheduled games next week. Play resumes on Oct 25TH.

Please check the schedule on the website.


Realignment has been completed. Some players have been moved between teams to better balance the competitiveness among teams and to adjust for player drop outs due to injuries. Individuals and teams which have been affected by realignment have been notified by email. To have a look at the updated teams please see the Teams page on the website.


As we have had several players request a leave of absence due to injury or other reasons, I wanted to clarify the use of substitute players on a team:

1.      The team has the option of requesting a sub in lieu of a player off for 3 or more weeks on leave of absence. The request must come from the team rep on behalf of the team.  The exec will not provide a sub unless requested by the team rep. The exec will on a best effort basis try and find a sub of equivalent skill to the player being replaced.

2.      As a replacement for the player on leave, the sub is a full member of the team until the original player returns. The sub is entitled and expected to play at all games they are able, just as the original player would have.

3.      Team are not allowed to arrange their own subs. If you have a potential sub, please contact the membership secretary, Matt ( and he can add that individual to the sub list.

4.      If a sub isn’t working out, the team rep should let the exec know immediately after the first night of the subs play on the team.


Sponsor Bar

For the first several weeks some of you who came to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, may have noticed that PCVC members were not offered the 79 cent wing special we had last year. The good news is that, thanks to Simon Kwan, 79 cent wings are back. A big thank you to Simon for negotiating this back for us.


The October 20th Sixes tournament is currently wait listing both men and women. If there is sufficient interest an additional team will be added, so if you are interested, please email

The November 3rd Reverse Pairs tournament is open for registration. Information on registration can be found here.

More information and registration links can be found on our Tournament page on the website.


Incentive Night

Next October 25th , is our next incentive night.  Come to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, to meet your fellow members and enjoy a drink on the club.

Seeking Volunteers – Packing Emergency Food Kits for Syria

PCVC Community,

One of our members Darius Sunga, is an active volunteer of the Rapid Response Team, with GlobalMedic – a Toronto based charity, providing humanitarian rapid response at the wake of disasters and crisis, locally and abroad. Visit the link for more information such as programs and responses. He is looking for help from the community.

The organization operates mainly on donations, sponsorships and the strength of its volunteers.
On Saturday, October 13, they could use some volunteers with packing 15,000 emergency meals for Syrian refugees. Details of the event are in the link below.
I understand how valuable our Saturdays are spent with family and our own chores at times.
Hoping you’d feel this to be an excellent feel-good team activity we can all share.
If you decide to volunteer – Thank You!
It will be much appreciated if you can stay the full duration but you do not need to – but hope you can spend at least a couple of hours of your Saturday afternoon.

You do not need to use the Sign Up form in the link below. You can email Darius at If you plan to bring a spouse/child let Darius know as well. Please let him know by this weekend if possible just so I can get a count and when to expect. There are other groups already committed so don’t be worried about having to do the 15000 food kit number.

“Please wear warehouse appropriate clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. Volunteers will be asked to remove jewelry such as watches, bracelets, and large earrings and rings so it might be best to leave these at home. We will provide hair nets and gloves to all volunteers. Bring a water bottle and lunch/snacks.”

Packing Emergency Food Kits for Syrian Families

PCVC League Updates – Oct 2nd, 2018

We are now approaching week 3 of our season. Please be aware of the following upcoming events and updates: 

Substitute Players

We have had several players who are currently on leave of absence or have requested a leave of absence for an upcoming period. For those players on leave, the team has the option to request a substitute player of similar skill. The exec needs help from the membership to help build a list of qualified players. Currently we have a very sparse list of potential substitutes. If you know potential players who would be willing to act as occasional substitutes please let us know or have them email

Team Reps

Thank you to those members who have volunteered to be team reps. For those teams who didn’t submit a name for team rep, one member has been nominated to be team rep. The list of team reps is posted here.  If there are issues that concern the entire team they should be brought forward to the exec through the team rep.


Realignment is the process by which the exec will move a few players between teams to ensure that teams are balanced for the rest of the season. Realignment will occur after this Thursday. Any players affected will be notified directly as will the team rep on the affected team.


We have two upcoming tournaments. Our first Sixes tournament for the season is on October 20th and has room for men and currently we are wait-listing women.  Even though we are wait-listing women, any women interested in playing please email as there is a high likelihood that there will be available spots.

Our first Pairs tournament is November 3rd.  It is open for registration.

Both tournaments are open to members as well as non-members. For further information or to register please see details on our tournament page.

Incentive Night

For those of you who missed our first incentive night at Meet-and-greet, our next incentive night is Thursday, October 25th.  Come to the sponsor bar, the Erin Mills Pump, to meet your fellow members and enjoy a drink on the club.

Meet-And-Greet Sept 13th, 2018

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13 Sep 2018
7:15 PM - 10:00 PM

The Erin Mills Pump and Patio

Status: Open

Event Type: Social Event

PCVC will be hosting a Meet-And-Greet on September 13th, 2018 to kick of the Fall season. Welcome returning members and meet new members and find out the teams for the fall season. This will also be our first incentive night of the season. Members will be entitled to a free drink courtesy of the league. In addition appetizers will be served.

Seeking new members for 2018-2019

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22 Aug 2018
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Burnhamthorpe Community Centre

Status: Open

Event Type: Other

The Port Credit Volleyball Club (PCVC) is recruiting new members for the 2018-2019 season who have the skills necessary to play semi-competitive volleyball. The PCVC is both a sport and social club, members are encouraged to participate in social activities in addition to playing in the volleyball league and tournaments.

PCVC requires that new prospective members demonstrate the required skills to play at a semi-competitive level. To establish that a new member meets that qualification, a candidate must either:

  1. Demonstrate their skill level at our tryout session.
  2. Be a past-PCVC member or player whose skills were witnessed by an executive member within the previous calendar year.
  3. Have played in previous PCVC tournaments and whose skills were witnessed by an executive member within the previous calendar year.

To Register for tryouts please click the following link:

Register for PCVC 2018 Tryouts

Participants should come appropriately dressed to play and prepared to participate in drills to demonstrate their volleyball skills. A video of previous tryouts is posted at: Info Report #146 (PCVC Tryouts)

Past members and tournament players who wish to be considered for membership without attending tryouts are asked to contact our Membership Secretary.

If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Secretary at (

Membership Renewal for 2018-2019

The deadline to renew membership for existing PCVC members for the 2018-2019 season was August 15th, 2018, and has now passed.  Any member who has not renewed their membership by that deadline has been deemed to have resigned from PCVC. Please contact if there are any questions regarding membership renewal.