PCVC Tournament Refund Policy

How Can We Help?

Sign-up to all PCVC tournaments is by making pre-payment. PCVC offers a limited refund policy in cases where a player must withdraw prior to the tournament. As issuing refunds causes us administrative overhead, tournament registrations will not be permitted from players who repeatedly request refunds.

  1. A full refund is given to any player who withdraws 7 days or earlier prior to the tournament date.
  2. A full refund is given to any player who withdraws up to 48 hours prior to the tournament start, provided they source a qualified replacement player of the same gender as the player withdrawing. This condition may be waived by the tournament director if there is a waitlist of qualified players who can be substituted for the withdrawing player. A qualified player is defined as one on the prequalified list or is deemed to have acceptable volleyball skills by the tournament director.
  3. No refunds are given for withdrawals less than 48 hours prior to tournament start time.