PCVC Attendance Policy

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To provide clarity on PCVC’s Attendance policy, here is the guidance on how they will be enforced:

A player must maintain an attendance of 65% for weeks in which they are expected to play. In a 12-week season that translates to 4 allowable absences.

Failure to maintain that attendance will disqualify a member from playoffs and in severe cases will lead to a termination of membership at the end of the season.

A player will be sent a warning notification via email after they reach 2 absences and will receive a second warning notification via email after 3 absences.

If a player suffers a long-term injury, medical condition, or justifiable cause as permitted in the PCVC constitution, a member may request a “leave-of-absence” from play. That period they are absent will be exempt from attendance calculation, provided:

That they have notified the executive by email in advance of their absence and the reasons.

The request has been approved via email from the executive.

The period they are absent is three weeks or more. The executive will source a replacement player for the period.