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PCVC Executive

For General inquiries or information about the league, or for tryout registration, contact the Membership Secretary –

For additional information on the league please read this FAQ.

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PCVC History

The club was started in the fall of 1988. Many of the original players had known each other through playing recreational softball. The original league had 60 players in total. They were organized into 6 teams of 10 players each, 30 men and 30 women.

The Port Credit Volleyball Club takes its name from the original venue it played at: Port Credit High School. Games were held on two nights each week during the school year. Over the years locations of play have changed to various other venues in South Mississauga. The league was expanded to 12 teams with 8 players on each team. Games were also consolidated into a single night each week: Thursdays.

Since 1988, the club has formalized its structure, adopted a constitution, and it became a registered non-profit corporation in 2013.

About PCVC

Port Credit Volleyball Club (PCVC) is a non-profit, co-ed indoor volleyball organization that has been playing in the Port Credit (Mississauga) area since 1988. The purpose of the club is to provide semi-competitive volleyball for adults while promoting social activities among the members as governed by the PCVC Constitution. The league is made up of 96 members and consists of 12 teams with 8 players on each team. PCVC is run by a 7 member executive committee elected by PCVC members.

PCVC runs a weekly volleyball league. The season starts mid-September and continues until May. Games are on Thursday evenings from 7PM-10PM in school gyms in Mississauga. Registration for the league is done as an individual and teams are formed by the executive to ensure that every team is balanced.

PCVC also holds tournaments once a month on Saturdays. Sign up as an individual and the executive will create the teams for an exciting day of volleyball. Please see the Tournaments page for the schedule of upcoming tournament dates or to sign up for a tournament.

For additional information on the club please read this FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What night of the week does the league play?
We play Thursday nights from approximately 7PM – 10PM.

Where does the league play?
Games are either one of two gyms: St Paul Secondary School or Iona Secondary School in South-Mississauga.

How much does membership in the club cost?
For the year running from September – April the cost is $300.

What is the level of play?
It is similar to intermediate-plus to semi-competitive.

What are the requirements for membership?
Members must be age 19 years-old or over, be able to attend at least 70% of the regular season games, and demonstrate that they have the necessary volleyball skills to play semi-competitive volleyball.

How do I become a member?
PCVC holds tryouts once a year for new members at the start of the season to fill any open positions for membership. The tryouts are held in late-August or early-September so check the website or Facebook group in August to sign up for the tryouts. Occasionally open spots for membership become available during the season. The membership secretary will fill any open positions from the list of players who have tried out at the start of the season or have played PCVC tournaments. If you are interested in being considered for membership or playing as a substitute for injured or absent players please contact our Membership Secretary.

What age range are the members?
Members range primarily between 30 and 50 years old

Can I enter a team into the league?
No! We only allow individual entry. The PCVC executive creates balanced teams from the individual members in the club.

Does PCVC hold tournaments?
Yes! We hold three different kinds of tournaments:

  1. Indoor court tournaments (aka Sixes Tournaments) (enter as an individual, 6 players/team)
  2. Indoor court tournaments (aka Pairs Tournaments) (enter as a male/female pair, 6 players/team)
  3. Outdoor beach tournament (enter as an individual or pair, 4 players to a team)

The indoor tournaments are held monthly from October to April and the Beach tournament is held in mid-summer. All tournaments are open to Members and Non-members. There is an additional cost beyond the membership fee to participate in the tournaments.

Does the league organize social activities?
Yes! Many league players often go out for a drink after play. The club sponsors a monthly night at our sponsor bar at which a drink and appetizers are provided to members. In addition, the league periodically organizes activities such as Bowling Night during March break. We also have a yearly banquet.